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when it rains, it pours.

when it rains, it pours.

You’ve had those moments. PLEASE, tell me you have had those moments!

You know, one crappy thing happens. You shrug it off and say, “Oh, well.” Then another presents itself. Then another. Oh and maybe one more. That is the kind of week it has been. I really had not thought much about it until today. Today, I think I have almost hit the breaking point.

Monday: It started with a return home from Costa Rica with a pile of bills in the mail. No big deal. I expected that.

Tuesday: The dentist found a cavity in my young child’s mouth. Now THAT made me feel like a terrible mother, not to mention the insurance does not cover laughing-gas or white fillings. WHY would they not cover something that would calm my child while he undergoes a painful procedure?

Wednesday: I got a ticket. Enough said.

Friday: Paid an insane amount for the IVF drugs. Though I am not terribly bothered by this since we had planned for it and feel fortunate enough that our insurance does cover a significant amount. It just adds to the drama ;)

Now, for the “almost” breaking point.

Saturday: We received the IFV drugs via Fed Ex this morning. It is overwhelming enough to look at the list of items you need to account for. Some of the drugs need to be refrigerated and as Greg went to do so, he realized that the refrigerator was no longer working (before you ask, he did check the circuit breaker). It turns out, the LG refrigerator that we purchased 2 years ago, to rave reviews, apparently stops working after 2-3 years (thanks to new reviews on the internet).

At this point, I am slowly beginning to raise my arms in the air, look up to the sky and ask, “What the hell is going on? Is there some sign in all of this?” Just as I want to cry, I have to laugh. I turn to Greg and give him a huge hug. I proclaim to him, “If there is anyone I have to be with during these shitty life occurrences, I am so glad it is you.”

So I am at that breaking point. On the edge. Standing on the cliff and wondering whether to jump. I am trying not to let all these little things consume me and begin to feel sorry for myself. I just keep wondering if this is all suppose to mean something? I am really trying to laugh it off. Trying really, REALLY hard.

DISCLAIMER: For the record, I am a good driver and haven’t had a single citation in over 10 years. Just needed to add that.

Secondly, Greg has promised to make me his delicious margaritas this evening. My last drink for, hopefully, 9 more months. "Cheers to it all,“ I say!!



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