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IVF drugs, meet my friends and family...

IVF drugs, meet my friends and family. Friends and family, meet my IVF drugs.

  • The first injection day has come and gone. I am now on day three.

Greg was a pro, more like a dart playing pro. When he gave me the first shot, I looked straight ahead rather than at my stomach. It felt just like a dart landing on its target. I told Greg that with a little laugh. When he asked if I had watched him and I said no, he admitted to warming up his aim the way he would throwing a dart. Back and forth, back and forth, release. Um, okay? Nurse Molly, nurse Shawn, nurse Nicole, do you happen to make house calls?

The truth is, Greg is doing great and I am so happy that he paid attention in our IVF class.

Now it is day three.

I am only taking one shot for the next 10 days. On the 25th, it will increase to 3 shots a day. Currently, the drug I am taking is Lupron. According to, they explain that “the combination of Lupron and the birth control pill is quite effective in preventing pituitary interference to allow recruitment and growth of multiple follicles during the second phase” of a cycle. Basically, it will “shut down” my body’s reproductive hormone system. On the 25th, I will begin to take Follistim and Menopur, which will help produce all the follicles needed for those pretty lil’ eggs I keep talking about.

Got that?

Make sense?

Okay, good.

In the meantime, everything seems fine. I have a few oral medications I need to take and one side effect is trouble sleeping. I have noticed a difference and may need to take that drug a bit earlier in the day. I guess I have never really thought much about the side effects from all these medications. I am not sure I want to. Every drug always comes with a run-on list.

But so far, life is good. Actually, better than good.

Love to you all,


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