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nothing clever...

nothing clever, just a quick update…

I had another check-up at the doctor yesterday. In my opinion, it went “okay.” My doctor is not the easiest guy to read and quite frankly, I will try to read you until my eyes start to cross. He is quiet and to the point. He comes into the room, checks to see my progress, says a few words and is out the door.

During the appointment, they were able to see the cysts again (not too surprising) and detected 5 follicles. I asked a naive question to the nurse, “Does one follicle equal one egg?” She responded that some follicles may produce two. Lets hope these follicles are super stealth and have a hidden stash of eggs somewhere. They also took my blood to check my estrogen levels. They turned out to be lower than expected, so they have increased my dose of Follistim from 150 units to 300. Wow, doubling the dosage of a drug with a side effect that reads “may become super sensitive to sad movies.” Greg has decided to move out for the week.

So keep your fingers crossed. I have another check-up on Thursday and on Saturday. Lets hope more follicles reveal themselves.

In the meantime, I promised my sisters I would show a picture of my daily calendar of drugs. Then I thought I would share some photos of Greg with the needle. Keep in mind, the needle that he is using is switched out once the medicine is drawn and before it has to be injected. THAT, is good news.


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