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roller coaster.

because life is like a roller coaster and i'm all about the hills.

Thursday’s appointment is done and I am happy.

Did you get that?


There is still a long way to go, but those follicles have graciously done as I have asked and revealed themselves. Today the doctor said there were 11 on my right side and 5 on my left. Most seem to be growing at the same rate, but a few are smaller. The likelihood of those small ones growing to maturity before the retrieval is probably unlikely, but even 11 follicles is much better than the 5. I will take it!

I seem to be responding well to the additional dosage of Follistim, without having run Greg and Oscar out of the house. Though I have to admit, I was working out this morning and nearly started crying to Kanye West. Don’t ask. I like to think it was the perfect combination of a strong, solid bike ride and some good music. Overall, I feel good and have not noticed any side effects.

Later today I will find out how my estrogen levels are doing. If all is well, I will have another appointment on Sunday. If the levels are high, I will go in on Saturday. Either way, it is all getting very close. The doctor predicted that the retrieval could take place on Thursday, March 8. I am keeping my fingers crossed because my yoga teacher, Michele, has offered to do a special session with us on Wednesday night, being that it will be a full moon. Good energy :)

I want to thank you all again for all your love and support. I mean it when I say it really gets me through and I feel so blessed to have such a support group. It is such an amazing feeling to have a sideline of cheerleaders. When I left my appointment today, I wanted to tell everyone I passed that I, indeed, am producing follicles! I held back, but had to sit down at the computer as soon as I got home to share it with all of you.

I also wanted to share a comment from my friend and former prenatal yoga teacher, Camille (Camille, I hope you don’t mind). It made me smile and also gave me a new perspective on this blog.

She wrote:

“Damn, am I ever rooting for you guys! I just keep thinking about how lucky this baby is going to be–and how profoundly loved…and with one HELL of an ‘on-the-way-to-pregnancy’ journal! ;-)”

Feelin’ the love and thanking you all.



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