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hell yes.

hell yeah, that is EXACTLY what i’m talkin’ bout!

Let me begin with a fist pump.

Then a high five.

And I’ll finish with the running man.

Yesterday was a good day. Like a "cotton candy at the fair" kinda good day.

Can you tell?

Since Sunday, I have been in to see the doctor three times. Every day, he monitors the progression of my ever-evolving reproductive system. And by ever-evolving, I am referring to the continual growth of those follicles. Each day, they just get a little bigger. The larger they become, the closer we are to taking the HCG shot. Less than 48 hours later, we will go into the hospital for the “Retrieval.”

On Sunday, Greg was able to go with me to the appointment. He was amazed and nearly speechless when he saw the ultrasound. My ovaries looked like they were filled with large grapes. Compared to the last time that Greg was with me and I thought we only had 5 follicles (see the “half empty” blog post), on this day it turned out we were closer to 22! He was practically giddy and I was happy we passed that number 11.

Monday, the doctor called me a “superstar.” This is HUGE coming from this quiet, soft spoken man. That, AND I got a smile. Wow, things really MUST be looking up!

There is a catch, however, to this overabundance of follicles. Ironically, there is a small concern with having TOO many. I guess I should careful what I ask for. The fact is, because I am producing such a large number, I am now at a slightly higher risk for Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. Once the retrieval occurs, the ovaries will actually become larger before becoming smaller again. I was told I will experience some bloating and discomfort, but if I gain 5 pounds or more within two days of the retrieval, they may need to freeze the embryos until my body has recovered. According to my doctor, my body has handled the treatments extremely well and the Ovarian Hyperstimulation/freezing the embryos only occurs in a small percentage of women. So here’s to NOT being in that little sorority!

Yesterday was my final appointment. The end count for the total number of follicles in my body is 33. I know!! Crazy!! A week ago, I was so nervous because of those cysts of mine and yet, my body has pulled through. Keep in mind, 22 of those follicles are large and in charge and the remaining 11 are smaller and may not produce any eggs, but I do not care. I am happy and ready to get this show on the road!

So here is where everything stands:

I can’t believe this time is here and yet Thursday still feels so far away! Take a look at the video above, that is pretty much how I am feeling right now.



  • Last night, at 11:00pm, I had to take the HCG shot. This is the “trigger” shot that will tell those eggs of mine that they are mature enough to leave the nest.

  • On Thursday, we will go into the hospital at 9:15.

  • At 10:00, they will do the procedure, which involves a tiny tube with a vacuum-like suction that will harvest the eggs.

  • A fews hours later, we will be home and I will be on bed rest the remainder of the day (I won’t lie, I am a little excited about this).

  • The following day, I will get a call with the embryo evaluation.

  • Finally, on Tuesday of next week, I will be heading to the hospital again for the “Transfer.”

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