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get your pencils ready...

Just a quick update to let you all know the outcome of those 22 eggs. Bear with me, we almost need to draw a graph.

Okay, of the 22 eggs, 15 were mature and injected. Of those 15, 10 have actually fertilized. So far so good!

In our encyclopedia of all things IVF, it is my understanding that 50% of those 10 fertilized eggs will continue to grow after day 3. On Tuesday morning, we will get another call to let us know how many will be transferred later that afternoon. The staff at ORM will only implant 2 based on my age. It is not until after the age of 40 that they will consider implanting 3. No octo-mom here. Though that would definitely secure a move back to Michigan, which I KNOW our family would love!

The success rate of having a baby at my age via IVF is 66%. Not to shabby and far better than the 25% success rate using drugs and insemination. Assuming all is successful (and it will be and you are all reminding me of that daily), there is a 50% chance of multiples. I worry about this all working and Greg worries about how many we are going to have. Once again, glass half empty versus glass half full :)

Do you like the picture of the plant? My sweet buddy, Molly, delivered it to me on Wednesday. She said it reminded her of my follicles.

Have an amazing weekend!



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