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Goodnight moon.

goodnight moon.

Wednesday night, the evening before our retrieval, there was a full moon.

In Portland, the skies were unusually clear for a March evening and the moon followed us where ever we went. Driving in the car, I watched it slip behind the trees, weaving in and out until we stopped and parked. The moon did the same. Once we moved again, it tagged along.

I couldn’t imagine a more timely event right before the retrieval. The moon is often said to influence a woman’s cycle and the energy of the full moon often coincides with ovulation and fertility. I was beside myself when my doctor told me the retrieval would be on Thursday, I wanted the moon and all its energy to be on my side too.

Our yoga teacher, Michele, gave us the most amazing gift and invited Greg and I to the studio for full-moon sit of meditation and restorative yoga. From 9-10pm, the three of us sat together while a hint of the moon’s light slipped in through the window. For me, it was magical. It was a time for Greg and I to be together, offer up our thanks, to absorb the energy from the moon and to accept that we had done our job and must release it to a higher being. What happens, happens.

I want to offer a huge thank you to Michele. She has known Greg and I for nearly 12 years and I couldn’t imagine a more fitting person to help guide us spiritually through this. She was our first yoga teacher and, no matter where I practice yoga, her spirit is always with me. My gratitude for her is immense and I am so thankful for all that she has taught me thus far. Oh and I have SO much to learn (her patience is appreciated too)!

One of the most poignant moments of the evening for me was when Michele asked us to offer up thanks for all of our teachers. That really made me think of all the “teachers” I have, I have had and will have in my life. It is pretty incredible. She wanted us to recognized the interconnectiveness of all beings. She explained that the teachers include all the researchers, IVF patients, doctors, etc. who have given this opportunity to us. No matter how big or small the task, we are connected and I think that is powerful.

Okay,okay, okay, so you want to know how the procedure went, do you? Here goes.




No really. This girl blew the numbers out of the water. 22 eggs!!!

Actually, I only beat the average by about 4, but who’s counting? Um, me ;)

The day went well. Greg and I went into the hospital at 9:15 and we were called in about 30 minutes later. I had my vitals checked, an IV put in and met with the doctor and Anesthesiologist. As we sat in our little room, we could hear music playing. The closer I listened, I realized they were playing Son of Preacher Man. Greg and my song! When we first met at the age of 18, we would always dance to that song and couldn’t help but have it for our “first dance” way back on our wedding day. I like to think it was sign. We waited only minutes longer and I was wheeled in to the procedure room. I high fived Greg and off I went.

As I laid there, I talked briefly to the nurses and could feel the anesthesia kicking in. The next thing I knew, I heard the doctor tell me it is all over and all went well. Seriously? That was it? Indeed, it was.

I returned home and for the remainder of the day, I laid in bed and napped a little. I was in more pain later in the evening, noticing the cramping and the bloating more than the hours before. Overall, however, I am well.

So here is how things will pan out for the next few weeks:

  • Today, I will get a phone call telling me how my embryos are looking.

  • Tuesday, I will go into the hospital at 2:15 for the Transfer. They say I will only be there for a few hours.

  • Tuesday evening and Wednesday, I am to remain on bed rest and am only to get up to use the bathroom. My head cannot rest beyond a 45 degree angle.

  • Thursday, March 22, I will go in for a blood test to see if we are pregnant.

  • In the meantime, I am still taking plenty of drugs, including progesterone and for at least two weeks, I can’t work out. Ugh.

Well, that’s that. It is so crazy to think that yesterday, March 8, our embryo was created. Our baby was created. Sit and ponder THAT for awhile.

*i just want to thank you all again for everything and thank you, Chris O'Connor, for taking our boy for the afternoon. He had SO much fun!