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okay, cheerleaders...

Okay, people, I know I have asked for a lot of support from you these past few months and I know you know how out-of-my-mind grateful I am for that. I do have one more thing to ask and this time it is not for me.

See that beautiful girl in the picture? Her name is Kathy. She married that darling man next to her last September. It was a magical, dream wedding and I was so very fortunate to be there and to witness, not only how much they love one another, but to see the abundance of love their friends and family have for them.

Barely two months later, and at 25 years old, Kathy was diagnosed with a rare form of uterine cancer called endometrial carcinoma. Her world went from wedding planning to scheduling doctor’s appointments in a blink of an eye. Though I won’t get into details (since she is the expert and I will include her blog), she has undergone chemotherapy and is now close to beginning radiation to kill off any of those “sneaky cancer cells” that may try to spread through her body.

Before the radiation gets into full swing, Kathy and Alex have made the decision to take their chance at having a baby of their own and have chosen to go through IVF. Their goal is to freeze their embryos so that one day, when Kathy is totally recovered (which she will be), they will have a surrogate carry their embryo. With every finger and toe and arm and leg crossed, hopefully they will have their little miracle.

Kathy took her trigger shot yesterday. Tomorrow at 7:30 am, she will go in for the Retrieval. At this time, she has 4 follicles. As she has said in her blog, the doctor explained that she just barely made the cut-off. If there had only been 2 follicles, they would not go through with the procedure.

So here is the deal. Can you say a quick prayer for Kathy and Alex? Would you mind, at 7:30am tomorrow morning, taking a minute to think of them? I promised this HUGE, ENORMOUS amount of energy and love would be with them. I promised and I KNOW crazier things have happened.

So much love to you, Kathy and Alex. I am amazed everyday at your positive outlook, your strength and your sassiness :)

Thanks, everyone!


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