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nice + warm.

nice and warm…

For at least three years now, I have been receiving daily affirmations from a website called Now, keep in mind, I am generally not a fan of daily, auto-generated emails and I tend to overlook them or delete them immediately. This one, however, I love. Every morning, it is there, waiting for me. And every morning, I take that moment to read them. They have been inspiring, thought provoking, funny and have even brought me to tears. Often times, because their timing could not be more perfect.

I couldn’t sleep this morning. I think my wakeup time was around 1:00am. I laid in bed and tried to meditate, once again, envisioning that fireplace and embryos resting in the snow covered cabin. You remember those, right? How could you forget. :)

My meditation didn’t last long and, out of terrible habit, grabbed my phone and decided to check the two other important things in my life, emails and Facebook (I will ONLY admit this one time). It just so happened that I had received my Notes from the Universe (the name of these affirmations) and I could not help but share it with you.

Here goes:

How’d you like a little peek into the future, kara? Oh, I really shouldn’t, but, well, you so rock, I figure this indulgence, just once, will be all right. You’re sitting around a warm and cozy fireplace surrounded by friends and boisterous laughter. Early-morning snow gently falling across the countryside is visible from the enormous, ceiling-high windows beside you. Everyone is sipping hot chocolate, and reminiscing about the fabulous circumstances that have brought you together, brimming with excitement for times ahead. And then you chime in, “If only we’d seen it, we never would have been so hard on ourselves. If only we’d had just the slightest inkling that the challenges, lacks, and issues we faced back then were of our own exacting design, and that they’d soon make possible the whirlwind of events that so swiftly followed, we’d have been, well, as proud then as we are now… and every bit as photogenic.” And then everyone starts clapping, smiling, and taking lots of pictures. Not a word to anyone, The Universe

A sign? A lovely coincidence? Or maybe just that perfect, little reminder that I needed.



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