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I am looking forward to sleep again.

“What,” you ask, “could she possibly mean?”

Well, let me fill you in on a little secret.

The medication that I have been taking since September has given me a glimpse of what life is like with menopause. Yes, this “quieting” of my reproductive system has led to hot flashes and “hot” feels like an understatement.

They creep up on me when I am sleeping. They force me to peel layers of clothing off when, seconds earlier, I was freezing. My favorite and most ideal time comes when I am in the middle of an important meeting with clients and vendors. My face turns red, I can’t get my coat off fast enough and beads of sweat begin to form. Fanning myself would be ideal but odd, considering the room temperature is 65 degrees.

Hot flashes have the most brilliant timing…when they are your arch-nemesis.

I always assumed that hot flashes came and went quickly. When I was in my late twenties, I had a friend going through early menopause in her forties. I felt terrible for her when the flashes would arise, but figured as soon as they began they left with equal speed. I thought, “Maybe she was just being dramatic?”

Nope. Not the case.

They come on quick and with no forewarning. The heat builds, then lingers and you literally break out into a sweat. I have yet to see if there is any pattern but find the worst occurs when I am sleeping. For over a month now, sleeping through the night has been dreadful with a daily wakeup call around 2:00am.

Fortunately, within the next few days, this will finally subside. I saw my doctor on Thursday for the suppression check and according to him, things look great. The hot flashes look like they have been worth it. My estrogen levels are low but exactly where they should be and it is time for the next phase. BRING ON THE FOLLICLES (which then produce the eggs)!!!

So, on Sunday, I will begin all the fun drugs that will awaken my uterus and ovaries like the smiling sun on the Raisin Bran box (shout out to you, mom and dad). I welcome them with open arms and will love them more when I am cozied up in bed and sleeping through the night.



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