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laughing out loud.

laughing out loud.

I am darn right giddy.

Yup, you heard it correctly. I used the word “giddy.”

I am so ready to get this show on the road and as it turns out, it will be sooner rather than later.

At my doctor’s appointment today, I found out that the trigger shot will be given tonight. This means that on Thursday morning at 8:30am I get to wear a cute robe and cap and will be wheeled into a room where all those eggs I have been producing will be making their appearance. This morning, my doctor counted 25 large follicles and 7 smaller ones. Each follicle can hold up to a few eggs, so here is to getting as many as possible. Once the retrieval has occurred, the embryos will be created and those that will survive after 5 days will be implanted on Tuesday, December 6.

As luck may have it, tomorrow is the full moon. During the last IVF cycle, I wrote about the amazing meditation that our friend Michele guided us through the night of the full moon and right before our retrieval. It has always been a belief that the full moon is a woman’s most fertile time of the month (assuming her cycle coincides with the moon’s calendar). That night was simply perfect. Oh, and as a side note, I produced 22 eggs at that retrieval. Since then, my cycle and the moon’s have been exact opposites. 8 months. That is, until tomorrow. Coincidence or not, I am in awe that this has come full circle for me. Never was this planned, it just is.

Let the fun begin.



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