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I chopped my hair off.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

Last Thursday morning, the blood draw came and went very quickly and I was left to wait and wait and wait. I tried to keep my mind busy but the nerves just continued to build. Unknowingly, I had planned my haircut the same day and thought maybe this was good. I needed a distraction. But as the time drew closer to both my appointment and when I would get the call from ORM, my knees would not stop shaking. When I finally was sitting in my stylist’s chair, I told Eilish to cut if off, all of it! I needed a serious distraction and as I watched my hair fall to the ground, it worked…a little.

Nothing can quite prepare you for those phone calls. Like whether you won or lost the junior high election for class president or made it on the volleyball team, it is the anticipation that drives you crazy. I was far more emotional than I thought I would be and poor Eilish was gonna have to deal with me whether the pregnancy test came back positive or negative.

This time, it worked.

Yes, as many of you know, I am pregnant. It is a bit nerve wrecking talking about it so early on. I mean, it is VERY early, and I am slowly adjusting to the idea. The best part was telling Oscar, who was SO excited. He told his friends, Ivan and Tavi, over dinner, that I was pregnant. I think he was pretty proud. I know it made us all smile.

So far things look good. My HCG levels came in at a good range and were increasing as of Monday when I went in for another blood draw. Many people have asked if there is any indication that I may be carrying multiples. One indication can be a large increase in these numbers, but after talking to my nurse, she said the numbers I am showing are very normal for one. I have an ultrasound on January 2 and have scheduled an appointment with my new doctor for the end of January. Crazy, huh?

I apologize that this post is a week late. After our wonderful news, I wanted to write on that Friday but then heard about the awful events at Sandy Hook school. I couldn’t bring myself to write anything at all. I just wanted to hug my boy and say lots of prayers. I don’t doubt you are all doing the same.

So much love to all of you and to your families, big or small.

Merry Christmas,


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