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just may be...

there may be a doublemint gum commercial in my near future.


There are two.

They wouldn’t pass for identical so the Doublemint Gum commerical really is out of the question, but as far as we can tell, there are two. Two little, growing bodies and two hearbeats. We saw them with our own eyes and heard it with our own ears. Meanwhile, “Oh, shit” ran like a neon sign thru my brain while a mad (insane) smile spread across Greg’s face.

  • We may be in for it.

  • This may require a mini-van.

  • If you haven’t guessed yet, today was my 6 week ultrasound. At this appointment, they were able to tell how many embryos survived the implantation process and are growing. I did not expect much at this appointment. Sure, I was secretly hoping two may reveal themselves but I was also secretlly hoping two would not. I can’t lie, the thought is a bit scary.

  • On top of this all, I am a little surprised. I mean, I have been feeling pretty good. Yes, I have some nausea and have had moments of tiredness but simple logic made me think that if there were more than one than I would definitely not feel good. Right?

Of course, I tell you all this with cautious optimism. The doctors encourage their patients to wait until the 12th week to tell family and friends that there is more that one. The first trimester always requires a little breath holding and this is certainly no different. But as you know, I have already put everything on the table, so why stop now? With that said, Baby A and Baby B both seem to be growing at a similar rate and their heartbeats are strong. Ideally, over 110 is good. Baby A was 117 and Baby B was 121.

Greg and I are still trying to wrap our minds around the simple fact that we are having a baby. Now we realize we may have to wrap our minds around a whole lot more than that. Oddly, I feel more relaxed about this situation. It makes me laugh. Maybe because I know that it is crazy enough that it just may work.



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