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Well, we are slowly reintroducing them. Brother + Sister. There was no commercial-like magical moment other than having them both there, in the same room, together. And she focused, focused with so much determination and her eyes said it all. I know that a newborn's vision is limited, but this sweet child would not break her gaze. It was beautiful, intense and brilliant on her part because we never wanted to leave. With that said, as of last night, she was doing great in he PICU. They had begun to remove wires and were going to have her try breathing on her own. This would be HUGE and we are so hopeful. Baby boy and I will be released today. For now, we have no exact plan other than I will likely try to sleep in my own bed at night versus the pullout in the PICU. All agree it would be best for my recovery. Besides, I really miss Oscar and Ophelia (who I haven't seen since Thursday). So here is to hoping today is another good day! Much love-Kara.

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