day #10

Saturday. Two kids with Greg at Oscar's soccer game and two babies with me, hanging out in the NICU. Finally a moment of peace as these days are filled with constant interruptions and moving back and forth between hospital and home. Finally, this Saturday feels like a reprieve from it all.

Ulla is doing great. All tubes are removed. Yup, you heard that correctly, ALL tubes. All that is left now are the monitors that she has to wear while here in the hospital. They surprised us on Thursday evening and said she may get to go home this weekend. Things are looking hopeful as she is feeding really well, maintaining her body temperature and has not had any seizures. However, she did drop slightly in body weight so they have to take that into consideration. Once she does go home, we will have to administer the seizure medication but it is a small, no, make that tiny, price to pay.

The reality is setting in pretty quickly that we are going to have two babies at home. I can't help but laugh at the insanity of it all. Our life is gonna be CRAZY and I think we are gonna LOVE it (most of the time- I am not naive-friends and family be prepared). I am over thinking of the scary stuff. I am going to let this girl write her own story. I am going to let ALL of my four kids write their own story because, quite frankly, no one can tell us otherwise.