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extended stay

Hey mom, would it be cool if we stayed just one more night? Pleeeasse? Well, when you look at me that way. So, we are staying another night. Of course, it really isn't by choice. Ulla's right foot has a faint pulse unlike her left foot. It is the same side that the catheter entered yesterday. The belief is that there is either a clot or a spasm in the artery. The ultrasound was not as decisive as we would like. She started on blood thinners later this afternoon and will be monitored for the next 12 hours or so. I so hope this will resolve itself, that the artery pops open out of the spasm (if it really is as simple as that) and that we won't have to go home with an arsenal of blood thinners and syringes (because this is administered through a shot). Ulla is being well taken care of and loved on by all of our nurses. She smiles even when smiling would be the last on the list of emotions and she looks like any healthy four month old. Greg and I find comfort in her caretakers but are ready to tell them to hold off on the surprises. The novelty wore off a long time ago and I am beginning to realize more and more that I WAY underestimated the power of normalcy.

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