next adventure

Greg lost his job today. We knew it could happen. Nike announced back in June that there would be a major re-org, who would be affected, no one knew. But he had survived cutbacks before so we KNEW it could happen, we just didn't think it WOULD happen. Until it did and here we are. The initial news made my stomach drop. I held my breath and then slowly exhaled "f******ck." The realization felt like a terrible breakup. We'll keep the severance package, and in a few months, you take the health insurance. The health insurance. 4 kids. Ulla. Ulla. This part makes me nervous. But I promised champagne, whether the outcome was with job or without. Scared or not scared. I think we both realized we were feeling pretty comfortable, maybe a little stagnant. It is easy when you have a family of 6, including twin toddlers. You just don't get out as much. But the universe has been nudging us for awhile and today, she gave us a mighty push. With pretty much every ounce of strength. It is time. We have no idea what will happen but I would like to think we are ready. So, no worries over here. We are grateful for the severance package Greg will receive and we will still have a few months of insurance (so I am making all appointments tomorrow) but don't ask for Nike passes to the employee store cause we won't have them. And if you see Greg around a bit more often, be sure to congratulate him. Moving on after 15 years is a big deal. Besides, did I mention the babies are refusing to take naps?