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It had been a beautiful whirlwind these past few days. No, I take that back, these past several months. Tonight, I hold our newborn baby boy while our sweet baby girl sleeps, 5 floor down, awaiting a life saving surgery tomorrow. As optimistic as I have been during my pregnancy, I suddenly feel a little weaker in the knees and I pray for every bit of strength tomorrow morning. She is so tiny but has already shown so much patience and calmness, it is as if she knows what she has to do and the role she was given to play. On the eve of all of this, I am so inspired by such a tiny little being. Please think of her tomorrow morning. She will go into surgery at 7:30am and will be in the OR for at least 6 hours. All prayers, good vibes, kind thoughts and lucky juju for this girl and her amazing team of fixer-uppers are more than welcome and accepted with the greatest of appreciation and love. We are anxious to take these babies home.

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