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I have officially redefined success for myself.

I am capable of nursing two babies simultaneously.

I don't get grumpy from lack of sleep until about 6pm every night (okay, maybe more like 5:21pm). I live in the same wardrobe almost everyday and am pretty okay with that.

But most importantly, for the past two days, I have managed to get all four kids ready and out the door to take Oscar to and from school AND there were moments of silence before we actually left the house. As ridiculous as this may sound this is a big deal to me. Wait, I retract that, this is an ENORMOUS big deal to me. It helps me prove to myself that I may be able to handle this mother of four thing. It may not be pretty, but I think I can do this.

And there you have it. I most likely just jinxed myself. As I wait for that to happen, I wanted to fill you in on the EEG from Monday as several people have asked. We did learn that there were no seizures during the one hour EEG and that it would be reviewed by our neurologist, whom we will meet with on November 30th. Until then, the EEG tech told us that if we do not get a phone call from the doctor that no news is good news. Fine with us. Ulla is gaining weight. Every week we stop into the pediatrician to weigh her and she is now 5lbs 10oz. Hugo (whom Greg has affectionately nicknamed Huge-O) is close to 8lbs. The difference is laughable and she looks like a tiny mini-me next to him. As for our girl's heart, it is doing just as they expected, wonderful. Today, we were told by our cardiologist that she may never have issues with this again. This, is also fine by us. Now, I'll wait for the wrath of jinxing myself. Love ~kara

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