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two birthdays

And just like that, they are 1. I kinda feel like they have left me in the dust. 365 days goes much too fast and the older I get the more I realize time will never slow down, it will only get faster. And like children tend to do, once these two are old enough they will beg for time to speed up. My only wish is that we find a happy medium. When we were pregnant with Ophelia and her twin Luca, I was convinced we were done having children. Three was enough. When we miscarried, all I cared about was getting Ophelia here. A year later, when I surprisingly became pregnant again, I thought for sure three was it. As the saying often goes, I believed that our family would be complete. Then I miscarried again. Oh, but these two. They stuck around. Despite a few hiccups, albeit an open heart surgery kind of hiccup, they are here. They fill our house with noise, laughter and a crazy amount of craziness. They are mischievous and sweet and I am filled with gratitude when I watch them together. I pray that I will have decades of birthdays to celebrate with them and that none of the others come this fast.

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