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birthday times 2

Just a few days ago, we went for a walk around the block. For a moment, we were in close proximity, until one ran ahead and the other fell a few steps behind. I was caught in the middle. When a car turned the corner and began to make its way down the street, I froze, hoping that the one ahead would follow my lead and that the one behind would too. The last thing I wanted was for either to run into the street. But they are unpredictable, one fearless, the other impulsive. Both, equally sweet. And he did, Hugo that is. He ran. But I had made such an exaggeration with my body, taking up surface area on the sidewalk, legs spread wide, hands in opposite directions, like stop signs, head springing back and forth, yelling out both names that the car slowed down, anticipating what was to come. It was a site. It always is with twins. And the car waited. Thankfully.

This twin child rearing is no joke. Not that I ever thought it was but I also never thought it would be so hard. I’ll insert here that is it also rewarding but that is obvious to me because I love them so much. I am crazy about them. Crazy good and sometimes crazy like I am going to pull every hair out of my head, one follicle at a time. But them. They make me smile, either when I catch them talking to one another and sharing hugs and kisses or when they are conspiring against me during naptime. They have humbled me and taught me an amount of patience I have never believed I was capable of. And they are 2 today. A day that feels like it happened only weeks ago and yet, an eternity at the same time.

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