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I don't know the best way to help my children understand death, especially a three year old. We are winging it over here. I tell her that her Babbo had to leave to go on a great adventure. Without him here, I can only convey to her over and over again that he loved her so much. That he still loves her so much. I worry that years will dilute the love that she feels when I tell her this. For Oscar, I worry that he will forget. For the twins, I can only hope they see him as so much more than a photo. I want them to believe that life doesn't stop, it just changes a little and that death just means we are anywhere and everywhere and always there. It is nothing I know for certain but I certainly believe. The final night that this tiny tree in the field was lit, we visited it one last time. Before we walked away, Ophelia asked me one last question, " Mama, can I kiss the tree goodnight?" Yes, my girl, because anywhere and everywhere.

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