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last day of school

On his very last day at his school, he asked me to bring fudgesicles because he knew it was the one treat everyone could eat. He had been with the same kids since kindergarten, he knew them all so well. I watched them laugh and run around, taking it all in, for me and for him. I knew he would probably never forget but I wanted to be certain. These kids were like his family. When the final minutes of the day were nearly slipping by, I took this photo.

But even after the bell rang, his classmates gathered in a circle in his classroom and spoke to him in Spanish about what they liked about him. They took their time, no rushing out the door. And this, this is what I can't seem to get over today. That day, I turned away from them, sobbing despite knowing very little Spanish. I wondered then what we were taking from our child and even now, it is the single greatest thing that makes me question our move. I know, I know, I know. This will make him stronger. He will learn valuable lessons. Kids are resilient and he will make long lasting friendships. But just try telling this to a kid who just really misses his people.

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