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my Nine sisters.

When I met these women, they did not look like this. I certainly did not look like this. We were living in teepees for a week, wearing comfortable clothes and pulling our hair back. We walked around with blankets covering our shoulders when the morning was just a little too cold, drinking coffee and listening to one another. Learning from one another. And laughing, oh, the laughing. We accepted each other as sisters, never as strangers.

And this was everything I needed at a time when being a mother felt heavy in a way that left me lost. How could I feel this way? How DARE I feel this way! I had the very thing I always wanted, four children, and yet I felt I wasn’t succeeding and that the pressure to be everything to everyone, including myself, was suffocating. I had lost a part of me along the way and I missed her. She could be pretty fun. This week, with these women, helped breathe life back into me and I am forever grateful.

Now if only I could sneak away quarterly. Thank you @nineforwomen. Thank you so very much.

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