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snow days.

Today, I was over it, the seven days of snow. And by "me" I mean "we." The glue that holds our family together was starting to wear thin and become, well, unglued. But tomorrow there is school so I can breathe a little and can begin to appreciate the good parts of this incredibly long hiatus, like the texts sent between friends. "Holy hell. I'm slowly going insane. Carl has been home every day except 1 since mid-Dec & the kids have had 8 days of school in the last 40 days. I know you know this. I know you feel my crazy. It helps to know I am not alone. " "Looked at Greg after breakfast and told him I needed to take a nap. I have to sleep away some of these waking hours." "Don't laugh but I JUST realized I have been in my pajamas all day."

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