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taking chances.

I won something and I don't usually win things. Maybe it is because I don't take risks enough? Maybe I find too many excuses of why I can't instead of every reason for why I should? Maybe it is just waste of my time? Maybe, maybe, maybe tomorrow.

But this one chance, I knew I could not let anything prevent me from trying. "Try, just try," isn't that what I always preach to Oscar? So I applied for a scholarship to attend the @nineretreat held once a year, this year it just so happens to be in Oregon. I put the babies in the excersaucers, I sat Ophelia in front Sesame Street and I typed as quickly as I could the reasons I felt I needed connection, support and an opportunity to take myself out of my comfort zone. Only once did self doubt whisper in my ear but by then, it was too late. I had pushed the submit button. I was chosen.

I want to share this because I think many of my friends would relate, not only to this experience but to what many of the testimonials found on the Nine Retreat website. Please take a look. Oh, and I may write about this more . Hell, I just may start writing more because, if anything, this has convinced me that I really need to take a chance just a little more often.

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