him + her.

This girl. She is Anna to my Elsa. Diego to my Dora. There are not enough words to describe her and never enough words to explain the amount of love I have for her. Happy 3rd birthday to the girl who loves pink, climbs everything in princess shoes and chases the neighborhood boys away with her lasso. Two was sweet but I won't lie, three kinda scares me.

Then there is this guy. It is his birthday too. He sacrifices a lot, including his birthday. It hasn't been a crazy party like his 30th. A lot has changed in a decade. Instead he rolls into his 40th year with calm and ease, in other words, maybe a little bit more boring. For a guy who once imagined himself with only two kids, he makes four look not so bad and I am grateful. Forever grateful. I hope our boys grow up to be just like him. Happy birthday Oscar, Ophelia, Ulla and Hugo's dad. We all kinda love you a lot.