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This is me.

Minus four kids and a husband.  They are in my photos and in my writings. 

You will find them there.  

Meanwhile, I am here, sharing stories  that are not just my own. They resonate with her, and her and maybe even her. Him too. Our stories are not exactly the same but they are not all that different either. 

I realized this back  in 2010 when I began to blog about my infertility.  My “unexplained” infertility (which felt even more puzzling after having our son au naturale in 2007).  I needed a way to share with family and friends. I didn't want to repeat myself.  I learned rather quickly that my  story was like many others.  Infertility treatments didn’t work.

Then they did. Miscarriages. Pregnancies. Babies. Twins. Then life.

So much life.

And so I wrote about it.  Then I wrote some more.

And now I am sharing, storytelling and connecting women with other women. Because we are all different and yet so similar.

One story at a time.

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