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 Sound Therapy

Years before I knew what Sound Therapy was, I was in yoga class and  my teacher sang a Tibetan singing bowl.  I remember being enchanted by the sound, having never heard it before. There was a beauty that rose up slowly from the bowl and moved through the space.  I was filled with both curiosity and an immense sense of peace.  Chimes have the same effect on me.  So do the sounds of crickets and cicadas in the summer or the quiet of snow falling in the winter.  Sounds that make me pause.  The pause. That space in between one thought and the next.  The space between one movement and another.  


Sounds help me find that space, and healing can be found there. 


Sounds create a response  within us that can calm us, awaken us, shake us.

Pay attention to the everyday noises around you.  How do they make you feel?  How do they make your body react?  What are your favorite sounds? WHY are they your favorite sounds? 

 Do you take the time to just listen? Do you take time to find that space?


When I began my studies in sound therapy, it was led solely by my curiosity. It was led by how the sound made me feel.  The understanding, the how and the why of sound therapy came  the  more I learned and the more I became a  witness to the effects on others and myself.  I am grateful for this  knowledge and the opportunity to introduce you to this work.

What is Sound Therapy?

How does Sound Therapy Work?

What should I expect?

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