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Gift Certificates

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Gift certificates are available for the curious and the overwhelmed, the nurturers and the caregivers.

Gift certificates are available for the the seekers and the magic makers, the doers and  the stuck.   

For those who don't know what they need

or for those who know exactly what they need but don't have time to make time for themselves. 


But you know.   

You see it clearly.

May this be your gift to them. 


Give a meaningful gift of an individual sound session.  The gift of  an experience. The gift of rest. 

The gift to be taken care of, for just a bit, so that the  body, mind and spirit can find a place to meet and come together, to reconvene

because  they sometimes get lost from one another. 

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The Experience

Your gift is for a 75 minute individual Sound Session

During this one-on-one session, we begin our time together with a conversation to touch base on where one is physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.  From there, I will lead the client on a journey to relaxation, each step a relaxation experience that builds upon the other.  


Fully clothed and entirely comfortable, the client will lay on a massage table and I will begin with  reiki. I will then introduce tuning forks, placing them at certain points on the body, also known as the Meridian Lines.  Once this is complete, I place  Tibetan singing bowls in triads on and around the body, meanwhile playing room bowls and instruments throughout the space, filling the room and enveloping the client with sound and vibration.   Meanwhile the client will find  true rest while moving into a  a deeper state of relaxation.  

"My session with Kara was incredible - beyond what I have previously experienced from sound healing sessions. I am not sure the phrase "sound healing" does her craft's so much more than that! The time, care, attention, and intention she put into a single session was a true gift in a busy, grief-stricken world. After the session, my mind was still, body grounded, and heart wide open - like an energetic massage to my entire being.
Thank you, Kara. You are a gem"

Chelsea H., Michigan

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