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Individual Sound Session

During a one-on-one session, we will begin our time together with a conversation to touch base on where you are physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.  From there, I will lead you on a journey to relaxation.  Fully clothed and entirely comfortable, you will lay on a massage table and I will begin with reiki.  Once that is complete, I will introduce tuning forks, placing them at certain points on the body, known as the Meridian Channels.  This will begin the relaxing process.  Once this is complete, I will place the Tibetan singing bowls in triads on and around your body and you will go into a deeper state of relaxation.  

Group Sound Immersion

Like an Individual Session, I will also lead you on a journey during a Group Sound Immersion. Unlike a private session, I play bigger sounds like gongs and wave drums while incorporating the Tibetan Singing bowls, crystal bowls and chimes..  During a group event, attendees are asked to bring their own props.  I suggest, at a minimum, a yoga mat and two blankets.  I also encourage bringing a pillow, knee support, an eye pillow and warm layers, including socks. Anything and everything you need to relax because comfort is most important.  You can choose to lay on the floor or be seated, then you may close your eyes and let the sounds carry you to where you need to go.  


These sessions last between 50-70 minutes. 

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