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Lakemore Retreat 

Traverse City, Michigan

October 18-20, 2019

Just outside of Traverse City, there is a quiet place where one lake meets another, then meets another.  Five lakes connected. And there sits Lakemore Retreat, a place you will connect with stillness and friendship and yourself. 

Wind Willow Sound Health

This woman (insert giant hearts here).


Something in me decided to email Julie back in October 2018 to introduce myself and ask if she would consider sharing her sound therapy during this retreat.  I didn't have the venue and there was no date, yet something told me that Julie would be an amazing addition to what Anna and I had created. What I didn't know at that time was how truly incredible it is to be in her presence and to experience the gift that she shares with her sound therapy and energy work.   Of the many wonderful discoveries since returning to Michigan, Julie is one of them and I am so grateful that she is joining us.


Sound has abundant power to help us heal and reclaim our wholeness. Julie’s workshops take participants on a melodic journey through the use of traditional and non-traditional musical instruments. The rhythmical sounds transport the body to a state of deep meditation through the heart center, and ultimately to the inner sanctuary of Spirit. This harmonic experience is a boost for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It becomes a surprisingly powerful way to heal, release stress, and connect with inner joy and wisdom.

Please take a moment to read Julie's story here.

Details: Project
Fall Tokens

Cost includes a 2 night stay at the serene Lakemore Retreat  on Arbutus Lake, just outside of Traverse City. It is the house on the lake you dream of running away to. All your meals are included. Take walks in the woods. Have moments alone or conversations by the lake. Lounge by the fire or relax in the hot tub.


Whatever you choose to do, you will have time.


Ah, time.   


Your stay also includes a grounding meditation and a group reading with Anna Cohen. On Saturday, she will guide us through a class on connecting with our intuition. On Saturday evening, Julie Chase will lead us in a Sound Bath and meditation.   This weekend would not be complete without a Circle.  


Psychic Medium + Energy Healer

Anna and I met years ago at a wedding. She designed the dress and I designed the wedding. That was the beginning. Somewhere in the in-between years of then and now, the Universe was secretly bringing us back together so we could create these retreats.  


I could not be more excited about Anna joining us in Michigan to co-host this retreat.  I have talked about her and talked about her and talked about her and now it is time for you to finally meet her.


Anna helps bring that "magic" I mentioned before and it will begin Friday with her beautiful grounding meditation and powerful group reading. It is here where you deeply healing and amazing journey begins.On Saturday morning, she will lead us through a meditative connection with nature and will follow with a workshop created to help hone our intuitive connection through various individual, group, and partner exercises.  We will work on deepening our inner sanctuary and foundation of internal trust by inviting a more attuned intuitive connection as we bring healing to ourselves and others in a safe and welcoming learning environment.


You may be thinking "Who? Me?"



No experience is necessary and  this is where the beauty lies. We DO have the experience. We ARE intuitive. We just may not tap into it all that often. This is a lesson worth learning.


*Please take a moment to read Anna's story here.

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