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Coastal Mountain Sport Haus

Vernonia, Oregon

August 10-12, 2018

Farm meets river meets woods, the CMSH is the perfect place to get away and just be.  Treat yourself to delicious food (that you don't have to cook), gracious hosts, comfortable surroundings and a river that welcomes you to sit in and relax because it is just shallow enough. 
Now just breathe.

In Bloom

Psychic Medium + Energy Healer

We are so thrilled that Anna will be joining us for this incredible weekend.  She will help bring that "magic" I mentioned before and it will begin Friday with a grounding meditation and a group reading. On Saturday morning, she will lead us on a group walk and will follow with a class created to help develop our intuitive abilities in a safe and welcoming learning environment. Anna will work with us to hone our skills through various individual, group and partner exercises. We will work on deepening our inner sanctuary and foundation of internal trust by inviting a more attuned intuitive connection as we bring healing to ourselves and others.


You may be thinking "Who? Me?"



No experience is necessary and  this is where the beauty lies. We DO have the experience. We ARE intuitive. We just may not tap into it all that often. This is a lesson worth learning.

*Please take a moment to read Anna's story here.

Fern Plant

What your stay includes.

Cost includes a 2 night stay in comfortable lodging, in a  “home away from home” kind of way but you don’t have to lift a finger. Nature abound. Relaxation a must. All meals included and you are responsible for none of them. Walks in the woods.  Sitting in the river. Lounging in the adirondack chairs or sitting in the hottub.

Great conversation and time.


You are given time.   


Your stay also includes a grounding meditation and a group reading with Anna Cohen. On Saturday, she will guide us through a class on connecting with our intuition. Our hostess, Sandy, will lead us in yoga and this weekend would not be complete without a Sisters’ Circle.  

Details: Project
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